Located in Northville, Michigan (only minutes west of Detroit), O.U.R. Camp is a specialized summer day camp for young children with developmental needs. Its purpose is to provide continuity with school year programs and to stimulate the development of cognitive and social skills during the summer months. Activities are designed to promote improved self-images and group interaction skills. Campers are divided into groups of six and are supervised by two staff members. Group activities are designed to promote a sense of responsibility, team cooperation skills, and feelings of acceptance. Activities include music, movement, arts and crafts, games and dramatic play to encourage the development of language and motor skills.

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Our History

The seed for O.U.R. Camp—Opportunity, Understanding and Recreation—was sown in the fall of 2000, by a handful of motivated parents, determined to create a local summer day camp to meet the special needs of their children. Since that time this small group of volunteers, has cultivated and nurtured their dream, enlisting the help of educators, service organizations and businesses in the Plymouth area. It is only through the generosity and support of the community that O.U.R. Camp has become a reality and a success. Since 2001, we have been providing a fun-filled summer program for young children with developmental disabilities.